How to Purchase

Why is painting so compelling? How is it possible that our technological age hasn't even dented the human passion for making, viewing and enjoying beautiful, original paintings?

The answer is quite simple: paintings still satisfy a deep, vital human need that cannot be met in any other way. They represent an infinity of wonder and possibility. The language of painting is one of the most expressive, potent and revelatory tools that we have, and one that never ceases to surprise and enchant.

Walking into a gallery can be daunting. I should know; I've been thrown out of enough of them!

"...but I don't know anything about paintings"

Good for you - you're already doing better than half the people who claim they do! First and foremost, you're here because you're interested in fine art and beautiful paintings; You're after something more permanent, more substantial than a newer telephone or a bigger telly.

The good news is we're art fans too, so you're in good company.

Let our knowledge and enthusiasm assist you. Our paintings are here because they have merit. Feel confident, as we've assembled the very best work from some of the best artists working in the world today. Whichever piece catches your eye, the quality will speak for itself.


  • Do you love it?
  • Is it in your price range?
  • Do you want to own it?

If the answer to all 3 is yes, then nothing else matters. You've just found your painting; a lifetime of pleasure awaits you.


Nb. Fret not - in these tight times, we're also here to help you financially!

With work to fit every budget, and discrete credit facilities available on request, you should have every confidence in coming to visit us - we don't bite, and we do have some rather nice paintings....